As an artist, my intent is to transcend the invisible matter into the extremely dynamic and extraordinary dynamic world.

My artistic inclination is toward realistic and contemporary methods of sculpture and creates products derived from proportion, shape, volume with geometrical measurement lines, and human anatomy in new meaningful and aesthetically appealing and moving ways. The desired purpose is to establish methodologies and tools for understanding, modeling the design of educational tools and systems, and how these can affect learning, literacy, and awareness.


My artistic experience is primarily from a contemporary sculpture that primarily focuses on anatomical and muscular abstraction and 2D/3D design, which can convey both contemporary themes and a sense of timeless beauty, mainly through the use of shapes and shades of red.

My sculpture reflects a relationship between exaggerated and self-indulgent feelings of tenderness, sadness, or antagonistic or genuine emotions and relationships expressed in a contemporary manner. In my compositions, prominent elements are geometrical proportion landmarks and natural forms with rough edges to create a textural contrast with the gentle, harmony of the flow.

I am intrigued by an anatomically accurate contemporary figure with the beauty of Atticism and a dynamic gesture in my most recent work. This would clarify me as an artist in the world of artistic expression and make possible an informative explanation of my concept.



Netra B Khattri

Work on Progressing
Head of Gurkhas


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