As an artist, I attempt to transform the invisible and ordinary matter into the dynamic extraordinary material world.
Creatively, I am interested in realistic and contemporary techniques of sculpting and work that result in anatomical proportion and geometrical lines, in new meaningful, and emotionally impactful ways of art.

My point of entry into sculpting has been through using primarily in figure sculpture in the anatomical and muscular manner and 3D/2D Design which, utterly both context of their contemporary themes and others about the delegation and perennial of beauty.
My sculpted figures convey a relationship between exaggerated and self-indulgent feelings of human emotions and relationships in a contemporary figurative manner. 
Prominent elements in my work involve geometrical proportion landmarks and vanish forms with a natural rough textural contrast with the graceful and harmonious flow of the pattern.
In my most recent work, I am interested in finding a contemporary figure with the beauty of an Atticism in dynamic gesture in an Ecorche method, which would introduce me as an Artist in the world of artistic expression and explanation of my concept.




Netra B Khattri

Work on Progressing
Head of Gurkhas


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