About the Artist

       Netra was born and raised in the village of Baglung in Nepal, A place that is rich in natural beauty, archeological art history, commercial handicraft, and the side of professional contemporary sculpture.


Netra started his artistic journey from his childhood, he started playing with colors, Engraving the name on limestone and chiseling figures on it. While living in a remote village, Netra formed miniature sculpture on his own, also started selling them. His dedication to the art and exploration of novel materials gained His uncle's interest in him, who was a talented artist in his own right.

Later on, in 2009 while, studying at Lalit-Kala Kathmandu Nepal Initially, the compatibility of his uncle’s and other leading artists and the participation of sculpture workshops and showcases made him easier to become more active in fine arts, and where he Focus on creative learning skill, sculpting, and drawing as a tool to study the world that surrounded us.
His zeal for artistic Career and passion and enthusiasm led him to the united state in 2015 for his additional education.
Here at Fontbonne University, he could pursue my interest in the human figure at the highest level of professionalism and contemporary source and research. Whilst working to a high technical level as far as having the considerable skill Netra published Human Anatomy Book. He also explored many artistic ideas and sculpting artistic, the conceptual structure into Contemporary sculpture by allocating his experience, skill, and knowledge as an adjunct art Instructor same time as well.

Netra believes, it is essential that we emphasize the importance of learning and instruction techniques at the highest level while also continuing to develop our artistic side through pedagogical methods.